Habit Disorders are habits that have become self-destructive and out of control, primarily things like smoking and overeating unhealthy foods.  Managing such habits takes effort and persistence.  Besides offering support in changing these, our approach uses the latest in behavioral, cognitive and dynamic treatment.  Hypnosis and meditation interventions help to make the transition easier.

Smoking Cessation
      Smoking can not be stopped easily.  It is important to find out why you smoke so that substitutes for smoking can be put in place.  Behavioral, cognitive, hypnosis, and meditation strategies can make this process occur more readily. Sessions can range from 1 to 12 meetings depending on how embedded smoking behaviors are.
Weight Management
    It is impossible to stop eating- something you must do every day.  Behavioral and cognitive approaches ease the transition to healthier forms of eating.  Hypnosis, meditation and conscious eating help supplant emotional eating with substitutes that promote wellbeing and a healthier lifestyle. Sessions can range from a minimum of 6 to 12 meetings depending on what the first session evaluation shows is needed.
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