Stress and Couples  
Stress is something we all encounter and usually results whenever there are pressures or changes that require meeting new or ongoing challenges effectively. Stress affects us individually but can also cause relationship breakdown.  For a couple, stress can be anything that tears at the connection between partners, e.g. small ongoing lapses in communication or larger and more destructive breakdowns such as an affair and/or divorce.
            A healthy relationship will honor the differences between partners but will also create compassionate communication and connection. To that end, I use three approaches that help keep breakdown from occurring and enhance connection.  The first is “Relationship Soothing” where couples learn to reduce the vicious cycles that keep them at arms length and to learn how to fight constructively. The second involves learning how to create a more powerful relationship by engaging in “Resilience Training”. The third approach involves learning new ways to "Increase Intimacy".   For further information click the button below: